How To Make Money Moves With Your Finances- Cardi B Style

“Boss Up”

Now there is a lot of talk about retirement, right? Or maybe not. Today I want to give you 4 simple power moves to grow your financial kingdom. We live in a culture and society where everyone wants to be a boss right? The quickest way to not be a Boss or Queen Bee is not having a financially secure future. In all of history I have never seen a King or Queen that did not protect their future? So If you want to continue bossing up for a check in life the kid Will Cyrus is going to give you 4 really simple keys to “Building Wealth”. You would be a fool to miss out and not read this #Wealth!

1) Tax Efficient Investment Vehicles $$.

Some vehicles that I like are Roth IRAs and Roth 401ks. If your company offers it you should definitely take advantage of it. I also like mutual funds for the simple fact that you have already paid taxes on the money you’ve invested so if there is some type of growth you only pay taxes on the gains. Now if there is a loss you can write off up to $3000 of the losses on your current years tax return. I talk a little more about this in my one-on-one sessions with current or prospective clients.

2) Real Estate $$

This is so key. The quickest way outside of your retirement plan through your employer or your own doing is through building equity in a home that you pay for instead of wasting it with apartments. Why are you making other people rich bro? I also talk a little more about this in my one-on-one sessions with current or prospective clients.

3) Through Volatility Buffers.

This is a frown upon way to efficiently save for retirement because most people do not understand the value of this secret gem. I call this my money-making Cardi B move on a clients financial plan. You need a bucket of cash that won’t move down because of the stock market. You can argue against me all day. But if all your money is in the market and for some strange odd reason the market goes down 30%. Guess what bro/sis? You just became 30% poorer! In order to securely build wealth you cannot have all of your money in one bucket! You need other buckets that are continuing to rise when the market is going down. I talk about this as well in one-on-one meetings with my clients.

4) Side hustles

They say the average millionaire has anywhere between 5-10 strings of income. If you want to be at least a quarter of a millionaire (250k) you need at least the 3 I mentioned above plus one more Hustle. To give you some examples. You can write a book. Run an online store. Flip homes in real estate. Operate a restaurant. The possibilities are endless. I tell clients all the time if the guy or girl who made the fidget spinner can become a multi-millionaire so can you. There is no dream that is Out of Reach. Let the church say “AMEN”


Building Wealth is a lot simpler then you think. Please feel free to read back through points 1 through 4. If implemented it has the power to potentially raise your wealth. If you would like to reach out to me for more questions please feel free to use my contact information below.

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*disclaimer This is financial direction. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Please reach out to an experienced financial advisor for greater insight before you implement. *

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