10 Tips For A Positive New Year !!

10 Tips For A Positive New Year …..

You don’t have to wait for a new year, week or day to make a change but today is January 1st so we must let the universe do as it must and move to a new year.  In moving forward towards your new goals, take heed of the 10 tips below which will help you remain healthy & positive throughout 2017.
If you ended 2016 with goals on your list, those should be the first to be worked on in 2017, don’t delay, start with a plan and put the plan into action !!
1. Start Each Day with Encouragement  This may included giving yourself those pep talks in the mirror (you know, when no one is looking or your kids aren’t listening at the door) Daily affirmations such as (I am, I can.. etc) will keep you motivated

2. Smile & Laugh More  Laughter is Food for The Soul
3. Read More Books  Knowledge is POWER !! Add a few new titles to your collection, continuing education is always a MAJOR KEY.  You can start with my new books Ballin’ On A Budget or Upfront: An Entrepreneur’s Quick Start Guide. 
4. No Complaining !!  Just be grateful for what you have and what you have achieved. Remember there is always someone who is looking up to you wishing for your life, your accomplishments or your car for that matter. 
5. Mentor Someone & Get a New Mentor / Accountability Partner
It’s always great to give back but we have to improve ourselves as well 
6. Rest… Sleep well & eat healthy We have to get our rest in order to think clearly and move forward.  Watch what you are eating, even on those late nights of planning.
7. Blog, Journal Keep Track of your daily accomplishments or what you are thankful for.  A good way to start is to participate in #MSuiteMoment where you tell your daily accomplishment in Msuite or on Twitter/Periscope using the hashtag #MSuiteMoment .
Keeping track of your accomplishments helps motivate you towards achieving the next goal.
8. No Regrets !! Everything we go through in life whether if it is negative or positive, happens for a reason. The bad things always teach us a lesson and make us stronger. The good things show us the power we have to achieve our goals, both teach us we can do and overcome anything. 
9. Don’t Waste Energy
Walk away from anything or anyone who is wasting your time. 
10.  Enjoy The Ride, Life is full of ups and downs 
It’s January 1st, ride 2017 like the batman at six flags, or the rides at magic mountain

2017 we are ready for you. 

Tell us one of your new years goals in MSuite for a chance to win a raffle, 2 lucky winners will be chosen.  (Entries must be received by Jan 2nd 3pm cst) 

So long 2016, we are moving forward to bigger & better goals. 

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