5 Reasons You Need A Career Mentor

Throughout all walks of life, you’ll want to be successful at what you do. However, if it was as easy as just thinking about it, then we’d all be successful!   There are plenty of ways that to ensure we are more successful at whatever we set our sights on, and one of those ways is having a mentor. To be more specific, I’m speaking in relation to careers and business;  Although I want you all to keep in mind, having a mentor doesn’t always have to relate back to Corporate America or even business for that matter, you can use these same techniques and apply to any type of mentor you may need.   Check out the five reasons why you need a ‘career’ mentor!


  • Accountability.

One of the biggest aspects of being successful is being accountable. You always want to be dependable; stick to what you say you’ll do. A career mentor can help keep you focused and on track by reminding you to follow through with your actions, they may even lend a helping hand every now and then l! You’ll be going nowhere fast if you’re not able to follow through on things you say that you’ll do. Staying true to who you are, and what you’re doing goes a long way towards success, and a career mentor can definitely help.

  • You’ll get a different perspective.

You’re only one person, so you can only see so much at one time! We might think there’s only one path to success, when that’s simply not true! The road to success has many different paths, and a career mentor can give you a fresh perspective. You’re going to hit some roadblocks along the way; your career mentor can show you different ways around those roadblocks. Even if you don’t take a different option, just having an array of options on the table goes a long way. Who knows, your career mentor showing you a different perspective may be what you need to think outside the box!


  • Networking!

A major part of success, whether if it’s in a career, or owning your own business, is about who you know! You can’t do it all on your own! At some point, you’ll have to put yourself out there, and guess who can help with that? Your career mentor! Going back to the previous point, your career mentor can have a different perspective on things, and can be your foot in the door towards a larger audience. They can do a soft introduction to a potential client, or bring you along to a networking/business conference. A lot of business gets done at first by word of mouth, but your career mentor can put you in touch with the right people to get you started.


  • You will need an unbiased opinion!

Your family members and close friends should always want the best for you. However, that doesn’t always mean that they’ll know what’s best for you! They know you outside of a business and career perspective, so they may not always have the best advice in those categories. You need a completely unbiased opinion when it comes to certain things, and that’s what your career mentor is for.


  • A career mentor is free!

You definitely should not be paying for a career mentor, it should be absolutely free! Think of the other four points mentioned. These reasons are mutually beneficial to you and your career mentor. You can help them to maintain accountability, give them a different perspective on anything they may be dealing with, get them in touch with other people, and have an unbiased opinion on anything they’re doing professionally. You definitely don’t want to ask a stranger or close friend; network with others and have a few conversations, once you build and maintain a relationship, the doors will open for either you to ask someone to be your mentor or they may just offer.


 The road to success is long and there are bumps along the way, having a career mentor is  a solid step towards getting you  closer to your goal.  




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